A Teardrops Shine

A teardrop like a diamonds shine
That shatters when it falls,
The lonely sound of silence
As it bounces off the walls.
The ending notes of a beautiful song
Parting words of a sad refrain,
The echoing sounds of the melody
Do nothing to ease the pain.
The mournful cry of a whippoorwill
Calling out to the still of night,
Trying to convey what's in his heart
Without telling the cause of his plight.
The emptiness of a fallen star
As it falls aimlessly through the skies,
The haunting sound of a weeping soul
When there's no answer to his whys.
The petals from a dying rose
Fall quietly to the ground
And the beauty taken from the stem
Is gone without a sound.
The heart break made from a loved one gone
A break no one can hear,
But the sound of sorrow still resounds
In every silent tear.

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