A Teaspoon of Nostalgia

Remember when I used to know every inch and rapt detail
On how you walked or how you talked and your impending fear to fail
Remember when I memorized the silent cries you shed
Or how you seemed to look at me as if I was a newlywed

Remember when every crevice and stitch of your everything
Wasn't a mystery or a tragedy or a memory wrapped in string
Remember when you'd laugh at the little things I'd do
And I knew every pain you felt and every lie untrue

Remember when you looked at me and saw the future there
Or how you used to carry all the frustrations I couldn't bear
Remember when you were only just a call or a step away
And how I could see your face every second of every day

Remember when we could actually end the bitter, old world wars
Do you even remember the last time we didn't have each other's scars

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This Poems Story

Writing has always been a refuge of mine. My family moved from the Philippines to Canada when I was seven years old and ever since then our humble beginnings have granted us our fair share of hardships. I created this poem in memory of an old best friend. It's a testament to what we used to be, and it serves to remind me of now what we had together can still be remembered, though never completely saved.