A Tender Touch

She said she would come back, She promised to bring
She vowed to protect me, But she left
She said she was happy, She dedicated her time to me
She gave me memories to cherish, But she still left
Wondering when she'll come back, Wondering why she
Wondering if it was me, She's still gone
You said you would love, You said you wouldn't leave
You said you cared, But you left
You leave without saying goodbye,You left your family
And you lost faith in yourself
Some people blame themselves, Some people blame
Some people blame the world, But not me
I blame the desires we have, I blame life's careless
I blame your thoughts for deceiving you
Desires are our downfall
Desires are our downfall, Desires are our downfall
That's when hope comes in, Like a little sprout
growing each day, Little by little
It's arms thick and sturdy, Sturdy to support its tiny
Hope is hope, Nothing more than a feeling
But a strong one, It's a good desire
Hope grows

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