A Thing

A thing.
I'm just a thing.
A thing walking day-by-day through the narrow halls.
Wondering what's around the corner.
A thing that no one really knows.
A thing that no one understands.
We're all things.
Things that no one truly sees.
Things that no one thinks twice about.
Do we even know ourselves?
Maybe we aren't things.
Maybe we're just people.
Ordinary people wondering what will happen to them.
Wondering where their lives will go and who they'll become.
Just wondering.
The wondering you do when you stare at walls,
Watch the time fly by.
Thinking and staring.
Staring and thinking.
What are we?
Things that no one knows.
Things that think they're something more than ordinary.
But, isn't ordinary good?
Our parents think so.
But, things are more than ordinary.
Maybe ordinary is all we're told to be.

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