A third world city with a revolutionary aspect

A third world city with a
Revolutionary aspect;
The poor crouched among the estates;
For the poor
The sun crashes to the ground;
The hum of the city,
Cacophony of people,
Deafening sound of empty stomachs;
Everyday the media media
Paints the sinister aspect of the poor;
Urban decay,
The violence against the poor society,
The violence against the poor family
The violence of mass incarceration,
The violence of economic sodomy:
The daily cycle
Of societal breakdown;
For the poor, the sun
Crashes to the ground!
The habitually unemployed.
The ex-con, the moral degradation of the sexual outcast. The addled mind.
The homeless squatter:
A fight, a knife, a gun, an overdose.
The daily death of the designated outlier.
The revolution failed,
Suicide by tribulation!

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