A Thunderstorm

I will remember our love like a thunderstorm.
It started out slowly and peacefully
The wind picked up and the rain began falling rapidly.
The wind became sharp and numbing.
It felt like a knife against my skin.
It felt like something, though.
That's all I ever wanted, I wanted to feel something.
The rain began pouring from the sky
and it felt like bullets coming at me from above.
These bullets left marks that will take a while to heal.
The lightning was next.
I was mesmerized by the way its colors painted the sky.
I thought it could never touch me.
Soon after came the thunder.
It shook my bones and stung my ears.
I didn't mind it that much.
Something that beautiful is almost guaranteed to hurt.
Suddenly, it all stopped.
Everything fell quiet.
I liked the madness much more than this empty feeling.
You left me with scars from the knives and wounds from the bullets.
You left me with memories of my sky being lit up in bursts of color.
All I can think about is how you left me.
You left me.

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