A Tiger in the Night

By Carla   

Clocks twirling around and around
Innocence abounds... in the beginning
Tigers in the night burning so bright
She feels the closing walls with the ticking clocks and
The tiger breaks loose.

Freedom on the wind in the moonlight
Blake, where are you with your tiger burning so bright?
She loses her way down a dark alley...
Helping hands guide her to food, spiritual and physical.

What was it the tiger wanted?
Take a look at my life,
Her mother's words echoing, wanting more.
Her words will not be lost.
She is a lot like her.
Can't escape the genes.
Look at how time has passed.

Children come and go in seconds.
How fast they became tigers!
Some victorious and some timid.
Step back to the shore and the crashing waves.
The beginning of her time was so long ago.
The old ones go away, and the young ones don't know her.
Her tigers are tame now and bear their own cubs.

Don't put her down just yet!
There are quiet mountains seething in her soul.
Memories of the hunger, of the rain, of endless sun, and of love.
Rise above the norm... listen and learn how she conquered the mountains.
What a dream life has been.

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This Poems Story

This is for all the young people who think their parents' lives are over. They are full of experience and the history of your family. Listen and learn.