A Time of Sight

For a second you were all I could see
This second grew into a minute even though you were no longer in front of me
At an hour I simply had to speak, for your skin was marked with beauty so bright I could hardly see
Your eyes were outlined with your personality
Your lips looked so sweet, I desired but a taste to be free
Your smile, I could simply stare at it for the longest of whiles and let it pierce deep into me
That Second changed my life evermore
That Minute made me simply adore
And that Hour, oh that faithful hour, brought me to you, Oh so Pure!
So I spoke to thee despite my mental fight
And I let your image soak into me, always blinding my sight
I awoke that faithful night out of sheer fright
Knowing I could not have you every night
For this is the hour I reach for thee
This is the hour I open myself, so you can see
And this is the hour I pray you to take me
For I ask that this hour never speaks adieu! Adieu! Adieu!
Simply because I will forever be frayed without you
By: Edgar Guajardo

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