A Time to Die

Dear God I need a favor, I hope I make it clear,
That when my hour of death arrives, I choose the time of year.
You see, I have two daughters, so the timing must be right;
The day I die cannot be one that filled them with delight.

It can't be in November, the month that I was born,
And never in December, for on Christmas they would mourn.
Don't take me in October, the month of Halloween;
It is my favorite holiday, the girls would make a scene.

Also spare me August, then pass right by September-
Too many special birthdays, and weddings to remember.
Never in the month of May, they celebrate their mother,
And though I would not want them to, they'd carry on and blubber.

Don't take me God in January, the first month of the year;
Now New Year's Eve would not be fun, it should be full of cheer.
We'll have to choose a neutral month, so my girls won't be so sad;
It cannot be a special time, or that will make them mad.

Maybe I'll choose April, it is the month of showers,
Then all the rain and crying will surely help the flowers.
So spare my precious daughters the tears my death will bring;
Instead, give them a reason to celebrate the spring.

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