A Tiny Box Of Mystery:

In my basement I have a tiny box
All of its contents are guarded with several little locks
The keys are trapped inside this wooden space
For all of what is within will be left without a trace
Is it a mystery of pastimes I have left behind
Or a place full of emptiness just to tease the blind

I have a hidden secret which dwell inside
A withered heap of memories I have chosen to leave aside
Who will discover it; who will unlock my past
If you don't hurry up things will disappear increasingly fast
The secret belongs to me for I know the visions to see
Should I tempt my mind or just leave it be

Aren't you curious just to see what lies within
Is this a box of treasury or just a box of sin
Take a little time to gander at its contemptible being
A box that may or may not have any significant meaning
A container of woe which has scarred me for life
This is just a box that can be opened in rife

A drift away for my meaningless days
A memory locked inside; a secret which just decays
Once again the keys are trapped; you must break the box
Try to break in like a cheeky, coy fox
Once you have gained access be careful of what you find
Once you know the secret it may just blow your mind

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