a tiny crack in the doorway

the itching nerve of what lies ahead
the souless voice that is never heard
the bottomless pit of misery
the outstretching echoes of loneliness
the demons calling, shouting your name, scratching and ripping your ears
the demons’ joyous dance for they have won the agonizing battle

but at the endless amount of space
a door
a door that holds light
a door that holds the meaning of life
just a crack
light shines through

the feeling of boundless loud laughter that fills the once empty air
the feeling of joy once replaced by sorrow

the feeling of comfort loved ones shared so compassionly
that the feeling of hurt
the feeling that surrounds you
baracades you into your own world
trapped in a bubble called pain
where nobody can reach in far enough to grasp you
and pull you back up for fresh air
before you drown in the deep dark ocean of depression
the feeling of hurt almost forgotten

because that light ahead
that light
the light of warmth and pleasure
the light that gave off a feeling once supressed
this light recalled and rejoiced
this light intoxicated your body into feeling hope

a word so foreign
yet so familiar
hope was in that doorway
and through out the endless walking of self destruction and torment
you could see the hope in this light
the hope held the meaning of life
the hope answered your prayers
for the hope was a few steps away
in a tiny crack of a doorway

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