A Tiny Death

I shall keep quiet, I mustn't speak
This loss has rendered me frail and weak
At first the news did not compute
The sheer utterance left me mute
For although death shall meet us all
He came too soon for you, so small

And just as you developed sight
You shut your eyes and lost your light
And night enveloped all around
Once you slumbered beneath the ground
Your tiny lips such secrets hold
An entire lifetime never told

I treated you as a mother should
But did not grieve for you as she could
Her love for you only mothers share-
A love that strengthens, helps them bear
When you parted, she held you dear
But your lifeless body I dared not near

For out of fear, I never said goodbye
I find no meaning for why you died
So please keep quiet, or speak a lie
The truth shall leave me wondering why

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