A tiny ray of light

A tear finally dropped from the eye,
As it silently splattered onto the scrawled book,
her dainty head in her hands,
She stared above at the losing rays of light.
The warmth vanished, colours gone,
the sky turned into a hue of grey,
The rays of light that shone ,
we're now settling away.

The long , dark night appeared,
Bright black Shadows surrounded her ,
Nothing but simple darkness remained , engulfing her within its arms tight.

No sign of light around ,
She stood deserted her head down,
Not a soul in sight,
On the ground filled with brambles,
till the eyes furthest sight.
Losing all her hope
She glanced up at the dark sky.

The rays gone , light disappeared,
until she spotted a flickering for
white and pure holding little light ,
"A tiny ray of hope she cried",

Slightly lightening up the sky,
It sparkled like a diamond between lead,
The brambles hid pretty flowers,
and everything got a BIT brighter as the rays shown upon it.

In the darkest of times ,
She realised she could find light if she tried,
Day wasn't far away,
If only she gave it a little time.
Some days will be dark ,
But the sun Will surely shine,
If not ,the stars will glitter,
You will be able to find a tiny ray of light...
Soon nights will become days
Remember light will always shine upon you.....

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