A to Z of life

By Leonski   

An enforced eviction from a fleshy, bloody room
and made to jump an indeterminate number of yearly fences
a force feeding of time that you can't spit out placed between two slices of the unknown
a story of your too short a stay ( for your liking ) written on unrecyclable sheets
from a metaphorical toilet roll and used to wipe the backsides of nothing and nowhere
a temporary loan from the bank of creation requiring your soul as interest
a watching of the clock whose fingers spin too fast ( for your liking )
a place in a queue lining up for rigor mortis
a wonderful or otherwise dance towards deaths plug hole with your name on a menu for worms
all ending with a very very long stay in Soil City
or becoming a puff of burnt flesh smelling smoke emitting from the crematorium chimney
an assumed and finally fixed rendezvous with either a genteel white-robed bearded guy
or, a cloven hoofed, head horned subterranean mooching MF!

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a personal view of what I think life is