A Touch

By Novus   

To some, a touch is just a touch.
A shake of hands with a new acquaintance.
A hug between close friends.
A kiss shared with love.
Even the feeling of another's hands on their bare hips.
But to some, a touch is remembering the slamming doors that left them shaking behind locked doors.
The overbearing screams of the ones whose voices used to carry comfort.
The bruises left scattered on their body from when their loved ones were “only playing around.”
The cold hands wrapped around their neck.
To some, a touch is like opening the door that they’ve bolted shut in their minds.
With each unprompted finger on their skin, another lock breaks and falls to the floor with a sound that shakes them to their core.
So when you encounter a person who flinches at every accidental brush of someone's knee against theirs;
Do not laugh.
Do not get angry.
I promise it isn’t your fault,
But another lock just fell.

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This Poems Story

This is the second poem that I've ever written with any sort of serious undertones. It obviously has a very personal and foreboding feeling to it but I know that there are many people out there that relate to the things in and in-between the words. Sometimes reading this poem and the others like it that I've written can make me feel like I've just attended a full therapist session. They remind me that even if it's hard to talk about these types of things, I can always write about them.