A Tough Choice

This wasn’t my fault;
don’t pin this on me
I’m sick of feeling your touch it’s not right,
And I wish you’d just leave.
Get off me. I’m not yours; that’s not true,
I wanted it, you’ll say;
to try and make it okay. But it’s not, and I fight.
Until i’m slammed against the wall,
Hands on my throat,
I'm starting to groan.
I can’t breathe,
i don’t want this;
Should I just give in?
Is it better than death;
I hit you, you hit me;
But we know how this ends.
Face shoved against the wall,
With passion lacking thumping;
And blood shot eyes.
Trying to be anywhere but present,
Should I have just chosen to die?
A tough choice indeed
A tough choice at only fourteen.

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