A True Friendship

You're my best friend, brother, a grown man and all.
My dreams are so short but you make them tall.
You understand my grind and my life.
Being open to you, man, I don't mind--
Shining brighter than the sun, spinning faster than a fan.
It's a non-stop thing,
I love you better than my green.
I'll give you my heart, but don't tear it apart.
Friendship I have with you; now I can say you are cool.
With you it's different.
You're like my puzzle that's put together.
You're my coffee with creamer, your touch is so sweet and tender.
You're like my cool breeze on a hot summer day.
It feels so good that I ask God for more.
You're my werewolf so addicting, strong and demanding.
You're my vampire, I love your sex drive.
You're my bike, you keep me going.
You take me places no one else can take me.
The images you put in my mind are so wild.
Your kiss makes me feel like I'm sitting in a sauna.
You make me feel rich, richer than chocolate.
I feel like the Statue of Liberty, so important and strong.
With you I have a reason to strive.
With you I can be free, like a cheetah running in the field.
I feel like a bald eagle, relaxed and calm.
I feel so alive, more alive than the naked eye.

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