A truth

Once I found myself in a prison,
Where I had no intention.
I found myself lonely as I was lost, there, deeply.

I searched for those whom I would have known.
But all my pain gone in vain in that terrible place known as jail.
Neither I found them nor I met them
So I just remain distressed.

I wept bitterly for my futility,
As the thing that I was to face was somewhat disgrace.
How terribly afraid was I as I had to face a mission where were no race.
This silence made me silent.

Then, I found a lady with silvery locks.
Her crisscross face made me shocked.
I hugged her tightly that made her mocked.
Then she kissed me and got vanished.
I was amazed at that case.
Still I continue to win the race.

While I was thinking about my ambition,
I saw a girl with temptations.
She asked me do not delay as I was only their ray.
Still I remained only puzzled.

At last I found a place of restoration,
Then I understood their suggestion.
I sat there with my eyes closed,
and with my prose I wept for those.
But when I opened my eyes,
I found myself in a grave.
You believe or not the tears were still wet.

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