A Tryst with the Stars : The Date under the Night Sky

Tonight, things will be different.
I will not ask you to play indoor games,
Or roam around the city with me.
Tonight we'll stargaze, identify their names;
Maybe I could tell a few if you ask me.

Tonight, things will be better.
We'll worry a bit less about frantic things
That plagues the weary, miserable mind.
Instead, we'll see what Earth's motion brings,
There's still so many stars left to find!

Tonight, things will be Easier.
We won't need to start a conversation,
Which is oftentimes an awkwardity!
We'll sit together and wonder in admiration,
About the Night Sky's gifts to Humanity.

There are no promises for tonight, though.
Maybe the clouds could ruin our view;
Like the unforeseen circumstances in life.
But tomorrow, or the day after, the night shall be new,
And we'll cherish again, this Nirvanic Nightlife.

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