A-Twelve-Year-Old's Perspective

Remember the time when the air was fresh,
When walking down the street,
there was no worry about death
Remember the world that was so great
But then was plagued with anger and hate?
Remember the children who could hop around the corridor,
Dancing, prancing,
Not needing to learn more
About the dangers
Behind the closed doors?
Remember the usual empty chatter
That caused the walls of the system to shatter?
And then they said it would not matter,
But when the wrong gets thinner,
The lies get fatter.
And now,
Nothing is wrong
When nothing is true
Authority is failing,
Lying and betraying you
But it's okay, we're alive, standing tall
If you even call this living at all.
Remember now,
That it's dangerous to go outside,
Be your own big brother because if you're not a risk to the system
Then there's nothing to hide.

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