A Valentine\'s 4 Hire

Admitting to identify as a protestor,
with pen and paper for decades tirelessly,
to start minds to get thinking,
before finally giving up audaciously.

But in the spirit of "Unity"
see it makes "No difference the cause",
here's to independent drivers
solidarity on Valentines to strike or pause.

Hail, Hail to the drivers
even in the face of sacrifice & struggles to make ends meet,
dedication of a day of disappearance in service,
drove myself short time was anything but sweet.

As I too will take a moment,
joining in spirits to say,
on this allotted Valentines,
Never separating Uber, from Door Dash, Lyft, etc. just united to portray.......

Whether or Not efforts change things,
May this Valentines Day bring,
A rest from worries and hardships,
with silent expressions unhinged......

We are all just a cog,
in what once stood for Democracy,
though I've no protege answers,
I can say explicitly.

While Unfairness unacceptable and at time unavoidable
From one Rebel to another protest is very "Commendable"

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In a land once believed as being a Democracy I think of those who have tried even if failed like Ross Perot. that was decades ago, but a man believing to invest not only in himself, sadly he did withdraw because of mentality of a society, I have also myself used humor to cover reality such as needing mental and psychological tests by masses before entering Voting Ballots