A Veil of What Was

her eyes filled with so much sorrow, pale from loss
her pain written on her frail form, surrounded in a sea of black
looking around her, she feels empty-surrounded by no one
and yet crowded by faces who do not know her demise
shouting, screaming, agony: they can't see her
pushing through the masks of the ones she thought she knew
spinning out of control...can't get a grip on reality
haunted by visions of what she's lost, buried deep within
overcome by depths of darkness, can't pull herself out
hands of nothing tear her apart
a faded picture rips out her heart, digging too deep to conquer her
never before has she felt death, but it has kissed her life
now, she is consumed by it
a distant nightmare of it replaying in her mind: slumped on the floor
an endless scream tormenting her; peace will never save her
she looks to the heavens, praying her pain will be quick
curling into herself, she lets this aching pain take hold
as she falls from reality...and excepts the death of what she had

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