A veteran’s cry

With hazy eyes and a broken hear,
I write of all that has me torn apart.
My past is dark and full of question,
so many things I hate to mention!
The things I've done to be free,
but yet they constantly haunt me!
I'm not asking for a redo,
I'm not asking for pity from any of you.
I made the sacrifice so you didn't have to!
I did the best I could ever do.
I may be broken in pieces,
but I know I'll make it through this.
I was created in the fires of hell,
but I swear to heaven I'll sail!
I know I look like a dark shadow of me,
but I'm growing proud of what I used to be.
A veteran should be so proud,
but I feel like I'm behind a dense, sticky shroud.
One day I'll rise above all this,
and leave this anguish for peace.
until then, I will be the best I can be

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