A Victor to Loss

Bittersweet taste of life's defeats,
He walked a path that faded to nothingness and yet everything to his
own mistakes.

He fell apart like a ship's mass in a hurricane,
Still was stronger than the ice on the North Pole's landscape.

He twiddled his thumbs, he shook his head,
He rebuilt what life he had left on a wornout headache.

He had seen it all, and done it too,
His insides were a Van Gogh and not a breathing soul knew it too.

He silently faded as the sun into the night,
Whispering willows blew gently in unison to his soft gentle cries.

He mended his life when all others assumed he had lost the fight and
crumbled to his knees far from his feet,

But now the humble man arose from the ash as a lion among the sheep.

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