A View Through Passionate Eyes

Passion, something to live by,
something to guide you and to trust in.
I have felt it toward girls and politics,
events and matters.
Through each milestone wisdom is gained.
I learned to love, hate, care, fight and walk away.
I learned to inquire, see fallacies, and see truths.
I learned those before I entered my teenage years.
With my reaching of halfway through my teen years,
an array of new emotions and experiences have emerged.
I have felt love and hate first hand, joy and heartbreak
but each has lead me to a new way of living.

I see the world through passionate eyes.
I have turned life around through my new choices.
I'm passionate about the new things I am part of.

I see you through passionate eyes,
and I hope you see me through them too.
Let your heart lead you down a path,
a path paved by love, passion and enthusiasm.
Let me be the one to guide you down this path.
Let me into your life.
Let me show you the world through passionate eyes.
Let me be the one your passionate about.

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A poem as to how I feel about a girl