A Vision

As I fall to my knees to unite my hands,
Visions of a distant face so boldly consumed my thoughts.
It is her.
It is the image of her face that peers from the dark into the light,
That defies everything that despair has tried to take from me.
A face so vaguely recognized possibly from another time and place.
Maybe another life perhaps. Yet, all so very familiar.
As I gaze upon her eyes, she simmers a smile to me, hope.
Giving birth to a new sunrise
That will leave night fending for itself blindly in its own darkness.
She aids to lead my feet upon a path of exodus.
That would forever leave misery alone within its own company.
Within her smile, hope takes leisure in embracing me like a motherless child.
At that moment I only aim to try to understand her.
To seek her thoughts,
to build a bond that would somehow tie our souls together.
I aim to understand her spirit, her passions, and her heart.
I want to know the things that create sadness within her
So I would only know to overshadow them with good.
She is the embodiment of things hoped for and dreamed of.
She is an oasis in my world of thirst.
For it is her--the rest in the midst of my thoughts
And that inspires my prayers of togetherness.

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