A visit

Atrocious place
was where I landed,
smouldering of tobacco,
heady smell of cigarettes,
Intermingled with excess, pungent
smoke from the automobiles
increasing my urgency to throw up.

I hadn't fabricated this beautiful artwork,
Masterpiece of mine,
to rot like this
A once prepossessing planet
now insipid and worthless,
Instead of lush, tall trees laden with
scrumptious fruits,
All I see is cluster of buildings,
some unwholesome, some novel,
Factories filled with toxic gases,
Numerous slums which exceeded
proper hygienic houses,
All of which are nowhere near to
what I had initially created.

The equality and fraternity
I had established
ages ago,
now lay burnt in ashes,
the gap between rich and poor
Widening day by day.

I walked away as soon as the smell
of whiskey and rum hit me,
their indecorous presence,
making me gag.

Another day,
another day I,
a helpless god who is not
powerful enough to recreate,
would visit my once favourite planet,
to see if it had changed for good,
even if it is a small change...

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This Poems Story

This poem revolves around God who visits his beloved masterpiece, the earth, to see what had been happening as of lately. He is, at once, flabbergasted and agitated to see how much earth had changed. Instead of a beautiful environment, all he beholds is smoke-filled factories and unhygienic surroundings.