A Visit to Mad Mansion

A derelict ship neared the shoreline,
its tattered sails flapping uselessly from decayed masts,
broken wheel shifting blindly to and fro.
Jagged rocks below the bluff salivated with spray,
anticipating the savor of a wreck.
A chance eye wandered where it seldom went,
and the cry resounded among the homesteads:
"Save the ship! Save the ship!"
The people swarmed the bay like mosquitoes,
armed with rope and grapple.
"Save the ship! Save the ship!"
With heroic frenzy,
they wrestled the derelict from its course,
like a whale pierced and tethered.
"We have done it!" they declared,
exulting in their handiwork.
"Let us go and celebrate our good!"
The twilight filled with song and laughter,
as the people hugged and danced and were merry.
Night settled over the deserted bay,
while the derelict drifted out to sea, forgotten,
to the embrace of darkness and the song of silence.

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