A Voter of No Importance

All I ask is to question what you're told.
We get rid of great senators like Russ Feingold.
Instead, we vote against our own interests,
in the hopes we'll one day be driving Cadillacs and Corvettes.
All of it is a big lie
told by people wealthier than you or I.

Why does wanting an affordable education make me an elitist?
Conservative politics today is survival of the creepiest.
Politics have shifted so far to the right
that much of the population has lost its sight.
It's tragic when you get accurate information from Jon Stewart
but very little from a Fox News Report.

Open up your eyes, and you'll see our impending demise.
By chasing the dollar you'll never see, you are ignoring the cries.
Every child deserves to feel safe at school
not wonder why the world is so cruel.
Don't deny children their youthful innocence.
Contrary to popular belief, they are not dense.

They know there is inequality and animosity,
yet they still find in their hearts to love with generosity.
A voter of no importance,
a strong-willed woman takes her stance.
Say no to guns and violence
and wake up from your hypnotic trance.

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