A Walk

When prayers don't seem to work,
when efforts go in vain and when you are fearless,
but tears keep shedding.
as you tread your steps leave a trail in blood,
you walk unknowingly for miles and miles tirelessly,
Aeons pass by, flabbergasted
you move on, spellbound
not aware of the destination,
your desire - to bide the time.
you see a bleak light
too bleak to be sure of its existence
you crave to be drenched in the Light.
You are conscious still unconscious,
a shadow walks with you - who's shadow?
You turn back, there is an emptiness in darkness,
you look and stare, yet you cannot reckon,
you live and live and live and then keep on dying,
you die and die and die and then keep on living,
your soul aches but body doesn't feel the pain.
The thorns on the way let you down,
wounded you fall and the heart cries in anguish,
nonetheless you don't give up.

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