I look into the deepest part of the ocean
Hoping to watch u beckon unto me in the midst of the whirling sea
Oh how I wish to pull you out if the deeps
To restore you to the beauty of your countenance

I run with bread to ease your scourging hunger
Ornaments lay in waste for there is no beauty to adorn it upon
For you have journeyed into the thick forest
Never to partake of it

O wake me up from my slumber
For thorns run into my soul
Why did you take a walk into the dark?
Who do I run to for consolation?

I would wrestle a thousand warlords for you
Yet you left me hanging
The sky is high, yet I look up to it hoping to catch a peek of you
Mama, you shine like a star

Even as breath fled from you
I will never fly from your memories for precious they are
More than gold and sapphire
You are like a gem worthy of love and admiration

My heart will always remain blessed
For the love buried in me is far richer than gold
Your legacy I will always live to uphold
Rest on, mama

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