A Walk Down The Isle of Reverence

Pearls tingled with the breeze that grazed my cheek. The downpour in my heart was not enough to quench the fire that you had set ablaze, as each drops bloomed soothing-scented hyacinth for a fragrant bouquet.
Fragrance that reminded me of when you clenched my hand for the first time, the scent of the sweet breeze that created an aura of indulgence which bound my heart in shackles too strong.

We walked down the isle of reverence, enwreathed by the flowers of love we sowed, it seemed the path never ended nor the flowers never lost their scent, ages seemed seconds as the seasons melted away with the flame of our passion.

Boundaries arose barbed with the thorns of envy as we nursed the warmth among us, thorns deemed brittle as it scraped our skin until the pores uncovered epicaricacy as we became incidental to something loftier and greater.
The rain flooded our path as each droplet had a multifarious life of their own, the waters drowned us as we looked up at the light that blinded our hearts, diminishing the gloomy picturesqueness of the moral scenery!

It still seems a mystery how the light gave you an admirable relief, a superstition that cultivated the flowers that blossomed. Was it the light that made you cover your eyes, till the darkness encompassed and the luminescence lost its lurid glow! The charm of unconsciousness surrounded me as I felt the remorse entangle me, strangling me with the recollection unrelentingly pulling me down. Deep down in the abyss, I still felt the sweet breeze tingle the drops of pearl that grazed my cheeks, as I closed my eyes one last time.

-Ricky Philip

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