A Walk Home

A boy walked home with slow calculated strides,
And in hand was a test that had nothing but red,
While crossing the bridge with metal rail sides,
He glanced over the edge with nothing but dread,
Since what awaited him was not a gentle tide,
But a tsunami that was embedded with lead

He then stopped midway
And one thought came to mind,
There really is no reason to stay,
He imagined going off like a mouse that is blind,

But then he remembered,
There remained more to the day
Feeling absurd,
He wanted to play,

And there were still those who awaited him to play,
And so there was a new thought,
Why throw away a life for just a single day,
And so all was now no longer for naught,

The boy then effortlessly slipped on his headphones,
Stared diligently ahead,
And continued the walk home

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