A Walk in the Rain

The misty air smelling so earthy and fresh,
Rain drops falling on my face,
I feel so alive,
I feel so revived,
Fresh smell of the rain,
In the city I was deprived,
Looking around at this beautiful storm,
The clouds opening and pouring down,
Down on me,
Some thunder roared,
I didn't flinch,
A walk in the rain seem to make such sense,
I started to walk faster,
My walk turned into a dance,
I use to fear the storms and hide in fear,
Since u are no longer with me and near,
I've grown strong on my walks,
Each drop of clarity hitting my closed eyes,
Iam revived,
The taste of earth lingers on my lips,
Clouds shower me with their tears,
This path starts to flood covering my feet,
So I now swim amongst the drops,
Floating along,
Diving into the abyss,
This walk has become more,
My tears blend with the raindrops clouded door.

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