a warning to time

slow down! you’re going too fast

i should give you a speeding ticket, cheetah.

the breath went out of me when you whizzed past

you tricky thing, you.

like a snake in the grass

you slithered up to me and bit me in the ankle

injecting me with your sour venom

that brings fire to my veins

and a sorrow to my heart

you monkey!

swinging from vine to vine, chittering wildly for hours

and dangling my prized possessions just a hair from my grasp

snatching them away and laughing when i try to wrangle them from your hands

but yet when i ignore you, you are gone in a flash

escaping from the corner of my eye

to become hidden and silent

as if you are sorry for what you have done to me.

you dazzle me with your peacock tail of countless distractions

and false convictions

making me waste what was greatly needed.

When i urge you forward, you become stubborn as a mule

and refuse to go

until your needs are met.

You are gloriously infuriating, Time

stop making a zoo out of me.

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