A Well-Worn Dog

Upon a well-worn road lay a well-worn dog.
One who had been hurt by the world he had trod.
He had been hurt by the world, on his body and heart.
His human was gone, now worlds apart.
His human had been there to care for and love him,
But the human was not well, his light had grown dim.
After a while the human had left
And the dog's heart was broken, he could find no rest.
The dog, all alone, was out on the streets,
Struggling to survive, searching for food to eat.
Many men past the dog with disgust in their eyes,
They saw a dirty mutt, only to be chastised.
Occasionally someone would give him a treat,
Then beat the dog and tell him to leave.
Abandoned, abused, afraid, and alone,
He tried with all of his might to find his way home.
He walked through the rain and the cold and the hunger,
In hopes of finding a place to call shelter.
The dog growled at anything that crossed his path,
For the cruel world would now feel his wrath.
Little did he know just what love could do
When a child crossed his path, no older than two.
The dog growled and snarled and prepared to bite,
But the boy hugged the dog with all of his might.
The dog forgot how he had been betrayed by men.
In the embrace of the boy, the dog found love again.

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