A Whisper in My Ear

It's only now that you're gone I realise
The depth of my loss is quite a surprise
But somehow I feel you're still quite near
What would you say with a whisper in my ear?
Would it be how much you miss me and you depend upon
Or perhaps it's not so, is that called moving on?
I'm full of confusion, regret and just a little fear
Do you smile with gentle words, a whisper in my ear?
How do I ease the pain, how do I dissolve grief?
I need something more than words, not just belief
A growing sense of wellness, the silence I can hear
Is that your idea that you whisper in my ear?
If I focus on you with love, no other thought to compare
My head and heart in one direction, is it a perfect prayer?
I forgot that love existed as I shed a silent tear
A surrender of free will, you now whisper in my ear
You might be gone for days, as your company I beckoned
The reality for you though is, perhaps less than a second
Time must be an illusion, giving false hope and cheer
We will be together always, you whisper in my ear.
The strength of the family bond a measure of your ideal
A true legacy of your achievement and what's truly real
You partake a blessing on me, as I go from blind to seer
My tired heart is healed, as you whisper in my ear.
The relief is overwhelming, as I release this heavy thought
And bask in the warmth of your affection, a new life I bought
Our connection is made, you guide me, you steer
Thank you for the words you whisper in my ear.

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