A Whole

Surrounded by crowd, yet alone
Just the way a star in the sky shone
Her humor was like the sky’s
Each time she smiles from within, it felt like the sun shines
Her tears protected by a layer of clouds
Giving a romantic feel, but shouting emotions aloud
Her soul was like that of the moon
Visible to people in the high land soon,
While the others in the dark
While trying to create a mark
Her comfort and solace was renowned
Like the way the sun in a winter eve is found
She was like the sky
Full of emotions, but none a lie.
She was emotional, yet she was curt
Her feelings like the landforms of the earth
Grounded like a desert land, but empty and dry
Like the sea, she went flowing by
Lost in the rhythm of the waves
Her uniqueness even made her visit the caves
Cold like the hills,
There was so much place in her heart to fill
She could take the weight of people sinking in her as if she was sand
Her moods were like the landforms on the land.
Her impulsiveness was like the air
Blowing here and there
Gentle when good, harsh when bad
In anger she was clad
Not always was the anger expressed,
Not always did she express
She was mute when angry or hurt
She preferred the silent treatment, rather than blurt
She was like the air
Strong at all times, but sometimes bare
Her personality was like fire
With bright sparks of desire
Desire to be loved and desire to explore
Everything from north pole to south pole
Her spirit was as bright as that of fire
She had to protect herself from any liar
Ego was her defence in this case
It helped her surge forward in the race
It was a sheild which covered her deep rooted feelings
Like fuel to her firings
Her spirit was as calm as the ocean
Her personality affected by none
She was blue and peaceful
Surrounded by the dawnish hue
Everyone could see their reflection in her
Like shadows in the sea they were
But she continued being herself
Unaffected by the demon or the elf
Such was her beauty
In fun and in duty
A delicate soul
But all by herself, she was a whole

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