A Wind Worth Feeling

You say I don't have fans
My dreams are bigger than your plans
Got a pocket of ideas bigger than your brain
Your sense of real is just driving me insane
Betting too much on the world and its mysterious ways
I only wish that I could return to so much better days

And the cloud rains on me as I'm diving to see
A better picture, with better colors and inventions
Live life with the best intentions
Make it possible to find, a better, healthy piece of mind
Don't sit around and waste your time, 'cause it'll waste you

I am nothing for you to count on
I am only wasting myself on, countless invitations from misery
The sick and selfish lies of promised company from others
That I create in my head, only to kill me instead
And I find that I am nothing without them

I am falling into a hole, that I dug all alone
The sides are what get me, the obstacles, the hold
Dreaming of a new place, yet I am so bold

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