A Window Person

She offers far greater potential than the frame on which she attaches
She is flexible, and delights to be covered, opened, or closed
She provides a reality far and above her surrounding strong walls

If you should decide to uncover her, she will light up your world
If you desire to open her, she will comfort you with cool breezes
She's transparent and flexible, willing and able to serve your needs
She's a window and wishes to make you smile; but don't break her
And even if you wish to close her, she will agree to give you privacy

Mirrors will aid and assist, but will never sustain or satisfy you
If it is privacy alone that you seek, you need walls and not windows

If it is your world alone you desire, you need mirrors, not windows
If "your point of view" is all that matters, you need not windows
But if you care about what's out there, and how others see and feel
If you long to share, to touch other souls, to give, to help, to heal
If the tool of your trade is transparency, and you have no shield,
You are a window person, and your heart has been touched by God
You've heard sounds, seen visions, and walls cannot contain you
You have uncovered and opened the window; you long to fly
You are free from mirrors and walls; and you seek to love

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