A Winter’s Night

Without my girl,
The birds are gone, the world is white.
The winds are wild, they punch and bite.
My girl has gone on this night.
When will winter end, I can't stand this fight.

The summer comes but it's all changed.
The days are long but not the same.
The sunshine has gone I only see rain.
She was my queen now I live in constant pain.
I can't cope in this rain.

Winter is back and I can't live.
Once our favourite time of year, now a constant reminder of pain.
She was my life I've lost all my dreams in vain.
If I'm not with her I'm not alive, I'm just in pain.
My baby has gone forever, I can't survive.
My heart is broken without her by my side,
the journey no longer worth this painful ride.
All our plans have crashed and died.

I end it all on a winter night,
just like the night she went from my sight.
She was taken by God; I'm taken by my own sword.
Our hearts will be reunited on this winter's break.
Up in the sky we meet again my heart is fixed I feel love again.

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