A Wish to Die Young

An endless war to claim what's mine;
My body, my mind, my heart and my soul.
There is no rest, no night when I slept.
For even in my dreams
I must watch my every step.

Everything inside longs for those short days.
Those in which I feel the warmth of May.
Sadly, for me, battles are still being fought
Besides the flowers the rain has brought.

A life of battle, a life of scars;
A constant pain of failure.
Every day, I watch my nature lure
My will behind bars.

Lord take me home,
For you have made me the outcome,
Of a life full of grace.
But my Lord, who am I to keep up with your pace?

Exhausted, ready, and anxious
To live my final moments.
Call me while I am young;
A long life is only for the strong.

“Please, twenty to thirty years.
But Father, if you wish,
A hundred years my soul volunteers.”

“My son, what if I wanted you to live
For the next two hundred years?”
The thought begins to grind my gears.
I fear; how much more do I have to give?

“Will you be with me?”
“My child, to my heart, I give you the key.”
“In that case, for you my Lord,
An entire millennium I would live in this world!”

After this long quest,
I would only make one request:
Wash me ashore your sand
Soon after I enter the following land.

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