A Wish To The Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall, won't you grant me just one wish at all?
It's not something too big, yet neither too small.
Just one wish is all I ask for from the mirror on the wall.

It's not for revenge,
Nor is it for love,
What I wish is something better than all of that.
It maybe be materialistic, but do not fret.
What I wish for goes further than all of that.
Mirror Mirror on the wall, won't you grant my wish at all?

Nor shoes nor clothes
I have people to get me those.
Not a cat or a dog
I can adopt one of those.
Neither brains nor brawns
I can work for most of that.
All I wish for from the Mirror on the wall is.

My own personal chef!
Mirror Mirror on the wall, grant me this, and I'll never ask again.
For nothing at all.

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