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A Wither of Thou Truth

Sanguinary, fetter thou dither, enlighten the darkest times,
Aflutter contrary, better thou sinner, number such gall in this elegiac
Never to bury, silence thy wither, embrace my melody of eternal demand
Poster firm upon the shattered ground, cripple the notion of sullen sound,
Upon the flesh of your battered hounds, tame them unto a shift of mind.
Hunger fitters to a callous being, that of a Shadow one shall not bring,
Forward the Shadow shalt not direct, only such a mission will bring imperil,
The sons of suns cry to the mangled, thou of shame must now proclaim,
His spirit is but the Rocket of Time, launched upon his Eternal Pain,
For this to be, you shall be marveled, alongside his Lords to sing.
Sleepeth thou of ecstasy, for thine Written Code shall rise,
A bastard lays within his grave, until death he must repay,
For the Kartson voice shall heal, call upon our ambitious seal!
Much of wither, none of truth, all of great convictions set,
Hunger of dormant principles, now changed by my Mindless Mirror,
Tremors of temperance, gently still, loathing of one’s desperate will,
Rid of your pitiful journeys to Two, for your Name is now misplaced,
Into darkness shall your carcass decay in your fallen place.
Hath your wisdom convict me, for the Sacred and His Mier,
Flesh and spirit upon His longing, marveled in my sacrifice,
Bringeth all, for time is watching, paint your wall of his dieudonne,
Grandiloquence shall you remark, however my flames no longer spark,
Knoweth not this troubled pen, rather be the future’s squire.

“My light is illuminated upon the foggy clouds that are of my Existence. But however you shall complain, I will not succumb to your false convictions. For my spirit has mocked you eternally in your short-termed satisfaction. You may speak, but I am your tongue. Now you take action, but I am your consequence. Be still in your stance, or you will be slaughtered, for the time of your tyranny is done. As your Leader, now is your doom, for you have slaughtered your own Brotherhood.”

- Craman Yyulus, To the Betrayer of Morals

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    This Poems Story

    The final cry of Jimmy Kartson to all Immoralists was set in his Sacrifice, along with his own personalized elegiac.