A Woman

A woman gets married at a very young age,
Just a little girl you see, only sixteen,
But, she doesn't see herself that way.
Two years later a baby girl comes,
A beautiful baby and the woman was very proud,
Than came a baby boy, whom carried his father's name,
One day the woman found herself all alone,
She still had the two babies to feed,
But, now their father he was gone,
The woman knew she had to go on,
Her babies still needed her here,
Until they could make it on their own,
Than one day she realized her children were now grown,
One at a time they left home,
And started making a life of their own,
Than the time came when God called her daughter home,
The woman was not ready to let her go,
So she rocked her baby girl for the last time,
She told her it was alright, if she was to tired to fight,
Than her baby went to sleep for the last time,
Her son now treats her like he doesn't care,
And she isn't able to cry anymore tears,
She knows it's time to say Goodbye,
The woman's life soon will end,
Her heart will hurt no more,
No more sorrow, nor tears, or feeling all alone.
Because like their father, who died by his own hand,
The woman will die all alone, and by her own hand,
She is ready for this life to end.

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This Poems Story

Sometimes no matter how much you love someone you can't always keep them in your life.