A woman in existence

He sees her as his joy where his comfort lies
Where he feels relaxed at ease pacing a path she complies
Where no eyes have a glimpse to settle on the jewel he holds beside
She picks his every move and dances along with a smile
Positioning herself to perform a pleased and tactful style
So as to live the peace, her heart surfs in this tide

He smiles, laughs and moves knowing she’s his
Drowning her in his amusement as she adjusts to his knees
Holding down her pillar bringing her under his throne
Emptying every precious gold, she nurtures and holds
She gives all she has and endures all she spares
For all that culture buys she pays for it in time

She bears his pride or his gold he defines
As her heart harnesses, the joy she finds
Her bilum gets heavier, as weight implies
She’s a wife, mother and in-law in disguise
It’s not about her, it’s about him and his life
Of how he decides who’s wrong or who’s right

Her routine of life, has set standards in life
She handles quite carefully, living in reality
Still craving the dream of one day being his queen
Where he’ll gaze at her the first time he did
She searches for answers she feels is a need
Until a token of slap awakens her dread

She no longer exist, she’s a household of chores
He works for bread, she works for herds
Her charm is all bounded in a culture of hindrance
As he smears her beauty and slithers away
To appeal himself the splendor he seeks
She no longer exist, she’s as mild as meek

A feeling of loss and self-realization
Where her inner light awakens in comprehension
The durability outside all along playing alone
She gathers her ‘self’ ponders what’s next
It’s not about his pride, it’s not about his gold
It’s realizing she exist and he is extinct

Her realization of ‘self’ gives her the strength
To take care of her joys she endured herself
She finally smiles, laughs, talks and dances
Without headnotes of warning to fade away
The more she glows the more he realizes
He had taken for granted a woman in existence

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