A Woman of Color

Woman to Woman

When we see each other
From across the room
I’ll admit I have my guard up
Cause I figure you do too

I used to think
it was because of the way I looked
You saw me as the enemy
That threatens your security
And challenges your insecurities

I used to think
Because of my exotic features
And racially ambiguous attributes
I attribute to your standoffish attitude

I used to think
Oh I can’t have female friends
They’re shady shiesty
And they may pretend
But in the end
They never liked me

I used to think
Women are complicated
But I’m the exception
I’m the Tomboy, I like to chill
I don’t deal with drama or deception

I used to think
Having male friends is easier
Which is true men are simple
But the problem with having men as friends
They eventually attempt something sinful

I used to think
I’m better off as a loner
No headaches or stress
But the issue with that is
Loneliness can slip into a thing that ends with -ION
And starts with depress

I used to think
A lot of things that aren’t true
Like you having your guard up
Because of something you think
I might do

Now that’s a lot of
Possibilities and hypotheses
And fallacies according to
What reality?...

I’m Upset

I’m angry
no disrespect
To my sisters of other descent
I’m sure your struggles
Are just as relevant

I want to tell you why black
women are never allowed to vent
Give me a moment to explain
It will all make sense

I’m not here to comfort you
Because where is my comfort
When I walk in a room

It’s not in my shoes
Or in my hair
Not in my fitting dress
Not in the undergarments I wear

Because I’m judged as less compared to you
From the dollar to 64 cents
For the same job
When nothing else is different between us two

Except that God gave me
A lot more protection from the sun
And my hair does bend to the will
Of the white man’s understanding of gravity
Still, those two blessings make you mad at me?

That ridiculous
Anyone with common sense could sense it
But what’s common knowledge
is our small differences make us drastically different

If this makes you uncomfortable
remember for someone else these struggles
everyday they breath they pay this toll

I’m just unveiling
Someone else’s type of hurt
all women deserve
a simple chance to be heard

Double-Sided Fragility

Men don’t learn
How to handle rejection
Women learn acceptance
Of unwarranted
And worrisome sweet nothings
Because a simple no
Is unbecoming

Venus Flytrap

Short sleeves and short skirts
Summer breeze feels good until it hurts
Skin exposed catches the eye
Of an admirer

The attention is at first innocent
She swats away
Any unwanted advances
Until there was a change
In current circumstances

The tension cools down
And her attention turns away
He then takes flight on the opportunity
To attach himself to her and pollinate

Intimate contact
Organic fluids exchange
In one quick moment
She'll never be the same

Her skin swells
He flees the scene without a trace
She cries out for help
Which arrives
With a strange look on their face

What did you expect
Look at what you wore
It’s hot and humid
Mosquitoes, love the warmth
She sprayed on repellant
And off she went

But let’s be clear
There’s nothing complicated
About consent.

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