A Womens Role

You want to be a princess
I want to be a king
You want to be a singer, with no song to sing
I won't be a pop star,I'll be the fricking sun
And you say you want to fly,but you don't know how to run

You know how to talk,but you don't know how to speak
And you say you're headstrong,but you're seeming very weak
Yes, you will fall
And they'll kick you when you're down,but it won't affect you
If you can stand your own ground, if you can use your own will
And you can make your own choice
If you can tell them SHUT UP and use your big girl voice

If you don't speak from your mouth,but instead from your soul
But how could I do that? It's not a women's role
Yet I am not weak,and I will not bow
I will not sell the milk,and I will not be the cow
Who are you to tell me?
What I can't do and I can
Oh yeah, you're the boss
Because you're the dang man

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