I want a world designed for us,
One gained by peace, not war;
A place where men can compromise,
Don’t kick down foreign doors.

I want to bathe in beauty’s passion,
I want to soak in all that’s pure;
To dwell inside a mountain’s mind,
Where the chaos can’t be heard.

I want to grow amidst the grass,
Below this thriving imperfection;
To only see the sun and stars,
And have no need for gun’s protection.

I want to live in fear of pleasure,
To fear I’d overdose and die,
Instead of fearing evil objects
Made by men and dropped from skies.

I want an earth with heavy eyelids,
One that sleeps through my adventures;
To run amok with her in stride,
A night that only we’d remember.

I want to just be left alone,
Just me, my wife, the breeze,
That slowly sweeps across the beach,
Swirling sand around our knees.

I want what I can never have,
A perfect world upon this earth;
I’ll settle though, I love my life,
And it’s loved me back since birth.

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