A World Made of Glass

Living a cautious life,
Afraid to make mistakes,
Afraid to put your heart at stake.
We fear to believe,
In true love,
With our heart on our sleeve.
In a world made of glass,
It must be perfect,
Every word,
Every action,
Both must collide with intense attraction.
All seems clear and crack free,
Until the one you care for can no longer be,
Shattering your world.
Falling to your knees you collapse in shock,
Your world has stopped,
Heartbeat fades like a silent ticking clock.
Staring into the floor,
You wonder how it came to be,
To be in misery.
Your world made of glass cannot be put together,
It will only cut deep into your very being.
We must learn to let go and move on,
Though you are broken and feel defeated,
Know that broken glass can be reheated.
When true love finds a way,
Through all ones imperfections,
Then your world made of glass,
Will come along some other day.

(A World Made of Glass) By: Patrick R Kelly 7/28/2015

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